August 27, 2007

About Us

Zero Integral is a weblog project of the Integral Research Group.

The Integral Rsearch Group (IRG) is an innovative and critically informed non-profit research and development venture. We focus on interdisciplinary and community-based projects and research. We are committed to exploring the potential of integrative approaches for promoting social justice and adaptive change. The IRG's guiding mission is to assist in the co-cultivation a more conscious, ethical and sustainable world.

Zero Integral features original articles, multimedia and a collection of online links focusing on leading edge initiatives that engage a wide spectrum of contemporary issues. It is our hope that Integral Praxis will provide readers with relevant and integrally-informed content and resources while facilitating positive and creative dialogue within the global integral community.

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1 comment:

artcore said...

I am verry intersted in your project!

Albertus Van Wyk

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