September 18, 2007

Humanity, Forest Ecology, and the Future in a British Columbia Valley

by Stephan Martineau.

“One of the most important and challenging issues facing humanity in the 21st century is the increasingly complex human-ecology interface”, says Stephan Martineau.

In this article, Stephan suggests the potential that integral mediation and integral ecology hold in addressing this interface. Stephan distinguishes two categories of ecological challenges, removed and local tangible, and indicates that they require adapting methodologies to address them. Using a local tangible challenge—a 35-year old conflict over land use issues in the Slocan Valley, British Columbia, Canada—as an example, Stephan outlines an integral mediation approach.



JIM said...

If this is the direction you folks are going I like what I see.

praxis huh? Indeed.

Keep it coming,


... said...

Hey Jim,

Integral Praxis is dedicated to documenting, supporting & exploring initiatives informed by a holistic and comprehensive approach.

Integral Praxis is part of the IRG research and development venture. Our focus is on the practical applications of various kinds of complex-adaptive thinking (AQAL being just one kind of knowledge system). On our site you will see many more articles like Stephan’s demonstrating ways to put integrative and holistic ideas into practice.

One of our immediate goals is finish creating this site, as it is currently in draft stage. For now we are focusing on scanning the 'integral studies' field in order to get a sense of what is already happening.

Through Integral Praxis we will then begin to feature several of the key integral initiatives, innovations & practices available. This ‘gathering’ stage is central for us to move forward with our own local-global integral initiatives.

We are currently designing (cf. “natural design”) projects which address: youth issues, immigration, homelessness, addictions and prostitution.

We will have much more to say about several Integral Community Development* (ICD) projects in the coming months. For now, I suggest that IRG is not interested in simply pontificating “integral” theory - rather, we are dedicated to exploring the most practical, integrative and sustainable ideas, discourses & projects in existence.

IRG plans to evolve into an important source for integrally informed thinking and pratice (praxis). Our overarching mission is to promote healthier people & worldspaces.

Thanks so much for stopping by,


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