October 7, 2007

The Ecology of Genes: New Findings Shatter Previous Genetic Theory

New findings have discovered that the human genome may be highly networked. That is, genes do not operate in isolation, but rather they are networked together in a far more complex ecosystem than previously thought. It may be impossible to separate one gene from another in fact.

This throws into question not only our understanding of genetics and the human genome, but also the whole genomics industry, which relies heavily on the idea that genes and drugs based on them can be patented.



... said...

It seems even mainstream science is starting to become serious about how deeply embedded Life is at all levels. This article resonates what we are beginning to know about "interdependent co-arising" - or integral worldspace evolution. Einstein would be proud...

How far are we away from The Ecology of Everything???

What do you think?

Steve said...

I think people are really starting to see the emergent, networked way that everything interacts and evolves. The next breakthrough for science can't be too far away

Duggan Roe said...

It is really interesting that the confluence of "network" science (see the work of Duncan Watts) and emergent variations of 'religious' participatory epistemology are creating the right conditions for integral-esque waves of thinking and being.

It is just the tip of the Real Integral (and cultural) movement.

Is it me, or is this post-wilber thing really just beginning?

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