November 21, 2007

Ego Development: 9 Levels of Increasing Embrace

By Susanne R. Cook-Greuter, Ed. D.
“Human development can be described in many ways although most theories see it as evolving in a spiral fashion, not lock step, with movement possible in all directions. Most growth in adults is of the horizontal, expansion kind. People learn new skills, new methods, new facts, even new ways of organizing knowledge, but their current stage or mental model of the world remains the same. Ego Development Theory, on the other hand, describes a sequence of how mental models themselves evolve over time. Each new level contains the previous ones as subsets. Each new level is both a new whole logic with its own coherence, and – at the same time -- also a part of a larger, more complex meaning system.”
In this paper Susanne Cook-Greuter outlines her theory of ego development. Cook-Greuter's research on mature adult development has contributed strongly to Ken Wilber's AQAL model.

Over the next few months the Integral Research Group (IRG) will explore various supporting & alternative theories of human development - in an effort to rethink, clarify and advance the integral approach more generally. Our hope is that through a sustained and rigorous analysis integral theory can move towards a more detailed, evidence-based account of human bodymind dynamics.
"There are many different views of integral, and all of them deserve a hearing." – Ken Wilber

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