November 19, 2007

The New Economy of Nature

by Gretchen C. Daily and Katherine Ellison

At the end of the twentieth century, more than three million people were dying every year of diseases spread by water, and another one billion were at risk, lacking access to water suitable to drink. The problem isn't limited to developing countries.

In 2001, some thirty-six million North Americans were drinking water from systems violating their country's top environmental protection standards. Over one million people in North America were getting sick every year from the contamination, and as many as nine hundred were dying from it.

In this article, Daily and Ellison point out the evolving points of contact between human activites and our natural ecosystems. An integral approach must be deeply sensitive to the relationships and changes flowing between organisms and the environments they exist in.

"The views of nature held by any people determine all its institutions." - R.W Emerson

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