January 17, 2008

Living on the Edge: The Evolution of Integral Society

By Sally Goerner

“A subtle, but significant shift is underway in western civilization. Academics might call this a paradigm shift, while historians would describe it as a sea change or a great turning. It is a time when all aspects of a civilization undergo simultaneously a change of head, heart and soul.”


Dr. Sally Goerner is based in North Carolina, has advanced degrees in computer science, psychology and non-linear dynamics. She is also the director and co-founder of the Integral Science Institute, a non-profit research and educational center dedicated to developing the applications of Integral Science for human systems fields such as education, business, medicine, economics, and sustainability. Her most recent book is called After the Clockwork Universe: The Emerging Science and Culture of Integral Society. Dr. Goerner lectures, writes and provides consultancy advice to international organizations.

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