February 11, 2008

Darwin Day Feature: Evolution & Education

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution revolutionized scientific thinking. Since the publication of The Origin of Species 147 years ago, this theory has been extensively and rigorously tested. Overwhelming scientific evidence from many disciplines exists to support this theory. From the vast body of scientific evidence that has accumulated, we have come to an understanding of all areas of the biological world - from our cells and DNA to our lakes and forests.

Evolutionary principles are the foundation of all modern biology and have led to major advances in fields as diverse as molecular biology, developmental biology, genetics, behavior, and paleontology. As such, evolutionary theory is a fundamental and necessary component of modern science education.

A new FREE! science journal, Evolution: Education and Outreach, will promote accurate understanding and comprehensive teaching of evolutionary theory for a wide audience. Targeting K-16 students, teachers and scientists alike, the journal will publish articles to aid members of these communities in the teaching of evolutionary theory.
The potential for engaged research and consideration of integral life dynamics is inherent in projects attempting to reach out to a wider audience. We hope future issues will deal more holistically & comprehensively with issues related to our understanding of general evolution. As such, articles and research might seek to integrate data on how culture, social organization and psychology inluence evolution on macro, meso and micro scales.

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