February 27, 2008

Generating Transformative Change

“Many of us find ourselves in a time where the world and our lives seem to ask of us, what can we give with the time we have here? How big can we dream? How can our work be the deepest expression of the contribution we are here to make? How can I make that contribution and have the life I want to have?”
Pacific Integral, a leading edge education and consulting firm, offers a way forward: Generating Transformative Change in Human Systems (GTC). GTC is an 18 month Professional Certificate Program offered through the Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS) at Bastyr University.

The program provides an initiation into the practical living of an integral life as it relates to transformation in human systems – the latest knowledge and theories, leadership approaches, integral life practice, integral assessment, learning community and fields, action inquiry, engagement in your emerging work and global issues. GTC is an intensive learning experience for integral change leaders that provides a platform from which you can create your own transformation to a greater level of service, success, and fulfillment.

An introduction to Generating Transformative Change in Human Systems:



Anonymous said...

i enjoy the work you are doing
in promoting a more ACTION oriented
post-wilber perspective

great job!

... said...

Thank you.
We hope to help facilitate the emergence of various kinds of 'integral' thinking. I'm glad you could visit,


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