February 18, 2008

School of Integral Health Studies

Akamai University in Hawaii recently announced a new degree program in Integral Health Studies. Programs in the new 'School of Integral Health Studies' offer comprehensive interdisciplinary studies of the integral determinants of health and wellness, grounded in Integral Philosophy and broad empirical inquiry, leading to the award of the undergraduate (Bachelor's degree) and/or graduate (Master's degree) in Integral Health Studies.

Studies include an applied component which provides students with working knowledge of a range of epistemological/research skills, with the aim of greatly enhancing understandings and applied capacities in health service, health education, health research and related professional roles in diverse contexts.

Encompassing conventional, holistic, complementary, alternative, public, ecological, energy, spiritual, mind-body, cultural, and integrative perspectives on health within a coherent, unifying and practical framework (as opposed to "integrative" and "holistic" models which lack cohering explanatory frameworks), Integral Health studies are underpinned by an interdisciplinary developmental meta-model that places importance on the healer's own integral development, epistemological breadth, and capacities to see interrelated movement of the greater whole.

The Integral Health Study program's theoretical underpinning is grounded primarily in Ken Wilber's evolutionary AQAL Integral philosophy and its development through other leading Integral Theorists (e.g. McIntosh).

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