March 3, 2008

Healing, Growth and Transformation in Integral Psychotherapy

by Brant Cortright

"Integral psychotherapy applies the expanded perspective of integral psychology to the work of psychological healing, growth, and transformation. Integral psychotherapy seeks a rich development of our whole being, an integral harmony that is our birthright and evolutionary goal: body, heart, and mind raised to their full capacities, led by the psychic being through an increasingly psychicisised and integrated authentic self. Since consciousness is evolving along different dimensions, this must be considered in inner development..."

"The wisdom of Eastern psychology, as embodied in the three classical yogas (karma, jnana, bhakti), recognizes that each individual has natural routes for inner development. So, too, in psychotherapy—an integral psychotherapy must allow for individual differences and be able to use what natural strengths and abilities a client has to further the psychotherapeutic process. One way of thinking about these differences lies through the different instrumental parts of the being and the classical yogas that spring from them."

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