March 10, 2008

Human Capacities in the Integral Age

by Don Beck, Ph. D.

“This presentation will introduce the concept of Spiral Dynamics, a new, evolutionary framework that describes whole-systems thinking, details how value systems emerge in societies, and maps out a program for raising human capacities to deal with 21st Century complexities. The session will introduce the notion of Memetics, the scientific study of "DNA-like" codes and patterns that lie at the core of companies, cultures and countries. It will describe the role of Vital Signs Monitors in profiling human groupings, and a series of design formulas in crafting natural systems that align focus, function, form, fit, flow and future. Finally, it will demonstrate how to synchronize the spiral of technological complexity, business systems sophistication, and levels of human development.”


Our group does not agree with all of Dr. Beck's framework, but we enthusiastically support the overall project of mapping out broad patterns in nature, self and society. SDi is an elegant and profoundly useful intellectual tool for understanding human emergence, change and social interaction. In the near future the IRG will make our criticisms and agreements with Dr. Beck's theory more explicit. But for now, as always, thank you for reading.

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