April 6, 2008

Integral Holistics – with Mark Walsh

Mark Walsh is a profession bodymind trainer based out of Brighton, England. Mark combines martial arts, meditation, body work and integral psychology into a comprehensive tool for overall health and self-transformation. Here is Mark describing his latest project:
I teach an integral exercise class called Holistics that involves elements of martial arts, psychology, meditation, somatics (the study of the body experienced from within), cooperative games and other disciplines. I advertise it as “exercise for body, mind and spirit”, and emotional elements are also critical.

Holistics is concerned with who you are as a person, your model of the world and how you relate to other people, as well as more conventional physical aspects like stretching and strengthening. Further, the integration of the various elements mentioned is key, with one “side” being used to examine and develop others. The aim of Holistics is health, personal growth and to teach practical transferable skills - relaxing under pressure at work or when the kids are screaming for example.


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