June 8, 2008

Reactivity to Climate Change

Jan Inglis is a specialist in developmental and integral approaches to complex social issues and director of the Integrative Learning Institute. The Integrative Learning Institute offers coaching, consulting, and training to individuals and organizations committed to comprehensive social change.

In this short piece, published in Issue 5 of the Integral Review, Jan talks about the integrated issues of human perception, culture and climate change:

Reactivity to Climate Change - by Jan Inglis

'For many years, public discourse concerning climate change seems to have been divided into two main camps: those who did believe it was occurring and cited experts and years of research that proved the planet was warming up, and those who did not believe that these indicators were anything more than isolated events. A subtopic of the former position also divided into two camps: those who thought climate change was due to human causes and those who thought it was just a natural cycle. These debates have preoccupied attention, polarized local and global consideration, and failed to contribute to any coordinated responses. Instead, they seem to have prevented or at least distracted a process in which such responses could be initiated. The structure of these arguments has largely been conceptual and

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[See Also: Jan's article in the June 2008 issue of the Integral Review]

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