July 12, 2008

The Academic Emergence of Integral Theory

Reflections on and Clarifications of the 1st Biennial Integral Theory Conference

By Mark D. Forman, Ph.D. and Sean Esbjörn-Hargens, Ph.D.

As founders and organizers of the 1st Integral Theory Conference we feel moved to respond to Frank Visser's latest posting (“Assessing Integral Theory”). We do this in the spirit of dialogue and out of a sense that his characterization of our event was misleading and inaccurate in important ways.

To be fair, Visser's article is less about the conference and more about what constitutes theory building and the checking of its validity. His main focus is on how Wilber has failed to build theory and have it validated in a scientific or academic fashion. We would like to raise several points relevant to this.

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Ryan said...

I appreciate this article for its clear appraisal of Integral Theory changing role in academia, as well as its non-emotional rebuttal of Visser's perspective which tends - or at least has tended - to be ad hominen in nature.

. said...

Agreed. They do a good job of taking the personal emotion out, while bringing some clear thinking in...

Cudos to Mark and Sean.

I think people forget that integral thinking, or more appropriately: integrative discourse is still in a very early stage...

Metathinking has always had to contend with a reductionist crowd...


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