July 17, 2008

Gleaning Context and Complexity

From Integral Options Café:

Geneticists Confront Integral Reality

David Brooks can be pretty interesting sometimes. In his column from Tuesday, he stumbles upon a deeper truth about reality that informs all of integral thinking -- we cannot separate the It from the I and the We and the Its…

Brooks uses the word "multivariate" in mentioning poverty -- and this word applies to any understanding of human experience. We must look at all the information -- the I, We, Its, and It. This applies to poverty, the energy crisis, racism, "the war on
terror," and everything else.

There is much to be learned in studying genetics, but we will never find the answers to who we really are in the genome, or in neurotransmitters, or in our minds and experiences, or in our cultures and religions, or in the societies we create -- but we will find the answers, someday, in how all of these interact.

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1 comment:

gregory said...

oh, gosh, genes ...

it is a diiscovery of the bumps on the orange, with maybe some analysis of the pigment making the color ... with NO knowledge of the fruit lying within, and totally ignorant of the magic of the seeds inside the fruit that can make more oranges!!

science really shouldn't be paid much attention to ... they so easily dupe themselves .... lol

we are still in neanderthal times, mostly :)

nice article

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