August 11, 2008

Life-Hacks and Personal Growth

From ImprovedLives.Com:

The Experts Speak: Favorite Personal Growth Techniques and Life-Hacks

By Stu

I think one of the biggest strengths about personal growth is that what you are given is not a prescribed way of living your life but rather a toolbox full of different tools like exercises, techniques, mantras, and beliefs that you can use to shape and build a life that is wholly unique to you.

And everyone’s toolbox is different. Some tools get used every day, and some tend to sit at the bottom of the toolbox, coming out rarely. Some tools are irreplaceable, and if we lost other tools it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

The thing is, I’ve only got my toolbox and being the curious guy that I am, I wanted to know what other people’s toolboxes look like. So I decided I would ask some of my fellow personal growth and life-hacking bloggers what their favorite tool was.

The question was, “What one technique/mantra/exercise/belief/life-hack/event has had the greatest positive impact on your life-hacking and/or personal growth?” Here are the responses I got…

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