September 12, 2008

Profile: Boulder Integral

Boulder Integral is a community of shared philosophical agreement and committed practice. We believe that we are poised at the beginning of a new turn in the spiral of human history, where for the first time all constructions of human knowledge and forms of beneficial practice are available.

We hear the next octave of a new Renaissance, where entirely new structures of thought, new reality frames, new ways of being human, and new stages of development await us, supported by a vastly clearer view of the great contributions of the past, as well as its pathologies. At Boulder Integral we stand in this confluence, eager to aid in the creation of the next wave of development: The Integral Age.

The Integral Age is in its infancy. Boulder Integral is among the first walk-up, embodied integral communities in the world. We are an experiment in community that strives to do more than reflect commonly held values. Our experiment in living is drawn toward something new, something “explicitly integral”. What this phrase means for us continues to evolve and do not claim that we have fully lived into this new suit of values. Yet we know that we must learn to live a new way; to find a path to the highest states of consciousness and stages of development; to commit in full to our own potential, and turn in love and service to humanity. So as we turn and turn again in full commitment toward a new human possibility, we have come to believe that the following values and capacities are among those that could be called “explicitly integral”, and as such represent an important advance at this moment in history.

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Upcoming Events at Boulder Integral:
-Friday 9/12: KenWilber Study Group
-Friday 9/12: A Deeper Life, with Robert Augustus Masters & Diane Bardwell
-Saturday 9/13: Integral Life Practice Book Launch Party, featuring co-authors Terry Patten, Marco Morelli and Adam Leonard (and maybe Ken Wilber himself!)
“At Boulder Integral we seek to enact and embody the promise of the emerging integral vision, which we see as an unfolding stage of human evolution. Our 7000 square foot facility is home to a community of people who are pioneering new forms of human transformational practices -- integral practices -- that promise powerful results in all areas of life.”

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