October 18, 2008

Integral Politics, Perspective and Change

From Integral Life:
Integral Politics: Change You Can Breathe Into

As the US Presidential election rapidly approaches, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and confused about what might be the most important electoral choice of our lifetimes. But how can we rise above the noise, stay engaged, and bring some much-needed sanity to our lives and to our world?

We would like to suggest the following Integral Life offerings, all of which can help revitalize our sense of hope, clarity, and stability in these trying times:

A Tale of Four Americas: A Brief Summary of an Integral Approach to Politics

A Tale of Four Americas takes a look at the political dynamics and cultural perspectives that influence every part of the Republican and Democratic parties. It explores the ideological divides that exist within each party, and offers a simple map to help make sense of these seemingly conflicting beliefs.

Obama and McCain: Seeing Through the Talking Points

Obama and McCain: Seeing Through the Talking Points lets you watch the Integral political map emerge in real time in the acceptance speeches of Senators McCain and Obama. What is each candidate really saying, and to whom are they speaking?

Sleeping With Your So-Called Enemy: A Practice of Empathy and Perspective-Taking

Sleeping With Your So-Called Enemy is a practice that suggests a way to step outside of your own political views and into those of to your “other,” allowing you to expand your own perspective, be as inclusive as possible, and make the most compassionate decisions in your own life.
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