November 17, 2008

Integral Leadership in Action

From EnlightenNext:

Reports from the Integral Leadership Conference

PODCAST: with Jeff Carreira, Elizabeth Debold, Steve McIntosh and Carter Phipps.

Carter Phipps reports on the initial presentations, including the seminar he will be leading with integral philosopher Steve McIntosh discussing the leading edge of integral philosophy. If time and technology permit, Carter may ask several of the integral leaders to speak with us live from the event.

Carter will be asking people at the conference to tell us their thoughts on the question "What is it really going to take for all of us to make the kind of significant impact on the future that we are all working for?"

In addition to the news from the Integral Leadership Conference, we will also share some audio highlights from the AGNT conference that I attended this past weekend.

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The Synergy Between Evolutionary Enlightenment and Integral Leadership

PODCAST: with Jeff Carreira, Elizabeth Debold, and Carter Phipps

This past weekend Elizabeth and I had the opportunity to teach at the Integral Leadership in Action conference in Boulder Colorado. Andrew Cohen and Carter Phipps also presented, making this the first event of its kind, where the leading integral community and the leading Evolutionary Enlightenment community met, worked together, learned from each other, and began to talk about other ways we can collaborate in the very near future to push the edge of philosophical/spiritual culture forward. It was a dynamic time, and there is a lot to discuss and reflect on. This week's call will be devoted to exploring the unique synergy between Evolutionary Enlightenment and integral leadership.

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