November 2, 2008

Voices from the Integral Frontier

From WIE Unbound:
Voices from the Integral Frontier

Thanks to the work of Ken Wilber and others, integral theory has begun to provide hundreds of thousands of people around the world with a new map for understanding the complex dynamics of just about every aspect of human consciousness and culture—from religion and spirituality to science, business, and politics. And the integral movement is growing. From its humble beginnings on the cultural and philosophical fringes, it has exploded in recent years with an international flowering of integral groups, conferences, academic programs, and individual practitioners who are trying to build the foundation for a whole new worldview.

In this series of interviews, EnlightenNext magazine’s Joel Pitney speaks to a philosopher, an entrepreneur, a community organizer, and a CEO about how each of them is applying the integral perspective to their work and what they think it will take to develop integralism into a full-fledged cultural and philosophical movement.
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