December 4, 2008


Spinbitz: Interface Philosophy, Mathematics, and Nondual-Rational Empiricism

By Joel Morrison

SpinbitZ is a philosophy of vision-logic interfaces for the percept-based illumination of abstract concepts. In tracing a nondual thread of rationality to its pre-Socratic roots, we find the axis-mundi hidden within Zeno’s paradox, and within nondual rationality. With the help of a hundred illustrations, we trace this embryogenesis of rationality, as it reconnects to the alternative lineage of Deleuze, with a nondual fusion of Spinoza and Leibniz.

We also find that mathematics mirrors this embryogenesis and holarchical structure. Interface Mathematics transitions from the “oppositional forces” of dualism, ultimately again to the “intensive” truths of the nondual. In making mathematics visible and understandable, the two fundamental axes of conceptual thought are shown. Spinoza’s “three infinities” are then seen as the triune interface between these axes, for illuminating and reconciling the many paradoxes of infinity as they wind their way into the truths of modern mathematics.

SpinbitZ is an integral and thoroughly modern (e.g. post-metaphysical, post-foundational and post-coherentist) ontological and epistemological meta-paradigm which uses “vision-logic interfaces” for exploring and integrating the core concepts of - and the bleeding-edges between - mathematics, philosophy, science and art. It is a heavily illustrated and intuitively visual work based on an integration of the central trans-rational elements of Spinoza and Leibniz (hence SpinbitZ), catalyzed by the convergent thoughts of many others such as Gerald Lebau (author of Sorce Theory), Gilles Deleuze, Ken Wilber and R. Buckminster Fuller. It is further infused with the truths from many of the great wisdom traditions such as the concept of nonduality, Nagarjuna's "emptiness," the "Two Truths Doctrine," and an operationalized version the Taoist "identity of opposites,"all of which are invaluable for working with the crucial concept of polarity and expanding the project of rationalism beyond the distorting lens of the post-modern era.

The goal of SpinbitZ, with its "Nondual Rationalism," is to reconnect to the prematurely abandoned project of philosophical and mathematical rationalism, with its unrecognized roots and resonances in both Western empiricism and the nondual philosophies of the East, such as Taoism and Madhyamaka (middle-path) Buddhism. This critical project was aborted through the "modern" and "post-modern" historical misinterpretations (and in many cases, just plain ignorance) of the key embryonic insights and conceptual tools developed mainly by Spinoza and expanded (in a reactionary and somewhat confused way) through Leibniz (among others). These misinterpretations (of what is better termed “Nondual Rational-Empiricism”), incorporated wholesale into modern academia, were fostered by the reactionary anti-modern and anti-rational movements such as the "infinite representation" and negative dialectic of Hegelian “absolute idealism” and the absolutized relativism of deconstructive postmodernism.

SpinbitZ visually and viscerally reconnects to the positive understanding of infinity - the “secret of rationality” - previously explored by Deleuze and others. With exquisite visual detail, SpinbitZ reinvigorates and re-ignites the embryonic project of rationality, unearthing and greatly strengthening this lost thread. In the process it provides a detailed operational map; a "vision-logic coordinate system" and a "univocity framework" for unfolding the many hidden and conflated polarities and directionalities of thought. Through this it dissolves the many resulting confusions and paradoxes (such as the paradoxes of infinity and free-will) which have become incorporated and axiomatically encapsulated into modern academia and into any system of thought that unquestioningly accepts academic accounts of history (especially the history philosophy and mathematics). Correcting these errors and conceptual biases and significantly fleshing out the details and operational meta-paradigm tools of the aborted project of Nondual Rationalism, enables a fully resonant, highly detailed visual-synergy between the new rational and trans-rational ontologies (e.g. post-metaphysics), the emerging qualitative or causal aspect (IT quadrant) of physics in Sorce Theory (as well as Plasma and Fractal Cosmologies), and a new “trans-rational” or “holonic” interpretation of mathematics originated in SpinbitZ.

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