February 7, 2009

Integral Theory in the Corporate World

Using Integral Theory to Effect Strategic Change

By Nancy E. Landrum, Carolyn L. Gardner

The purpose of this paper is to examine the need for integration of Wilber’s all levels, all quadrants (AQAL) approach into the strategy of a corporation. Organizations have incorporated elements of his theory at various levels, but none has fully incorporated all four quadrants. We explore how each quadrant can be used in strategic change to aid organizations in their quest for sustainable competitive advantage.

Using Wilber’s AQAL approach, we present suggestions on how corporations can use each quadrant in strategic change efforts. Several strategic planning methods which try to be all-inclusive are discussed. Several companies are also discussed that have incorporated progressive approaches throughout the organization. However, no example yet exists of a company that has used a full integrally-informed approach to strategic change and transformation.

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