March 16, 2009

Embracing Integrated Complexity

Embracing Integrated Complexity: Integrating Innovation and Performance in Humane Organizations

by John Forman

For decades, organizations have turned to the sciences for inspiration and models. In the past ten years, the sciences of complexity have captured the imagination of businesses and other organizations interested in understanding the deep dynamics of organizational reality. There is a great deal of leverage available in the understanding provided by this growing body of theory, research and application. However, as many have discovered, complexity alone does not account for the influence of human consciousness.

This article offers one approach to bridging the gaps and differences in an attempt to bring appropriate disciplines into alignment with the dimensions of human experience they were meant to explore. A presentation of this article has been offered to several graduate level business classes and to multiple private organizations.

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JOHN FORMAN is a consultant, executive coach, author, guest lecturer, founder and the Managing Partner of Integral Development Associates. For more than 15 years, John has advised organizational leaders and managers in areas ranging from change management and executive coaching to strategic planning, organizational development, cultural diversity and complex communications issues. John is also a founding member of the Integral Institute.

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