May 4, 2009

An Integral View on Money and Finance

An Integral View on Money and Financial Crashes

By Bernard Lietaer

There are many ways to approach as complex a topic as money or a financial crash. An integral view would require it to be approached from both the inner and the outer viewpoints. Such inner and outer dimensions of reality are synthetically summarized in Ken Wilber’s classical four quadrant analysis.

All fields of knowledge are classified by distinguishing between the Interior (the domains where the aim is the interpretation of meaning) vs. the Exterior dimensions (where the purpose is description of behavior). This approach is completed by distinguishing between the Individual vs. the Collective aspects.

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BERNARD LIETAER is an economist, author and college professor at Naropa University. His work on monetary systems and currency is recognized internationally. Bernard is the author of The Future of Money: Beyond Greed and Scarcity and cofounder of GaiaCorp - one of the largest and most successful currency management firms in the world. Business Week named him “the world’s top currency trader” in 1992. Lietaer currently lives in Boulder, Colorado.

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