June 10, 2009

Integral Capital the Global Commons

In the following podcast host John D. Schmidt continues his wide-ranging exploration of the strengths and limitations of our current economic/financial system. His aim: a comprehensive understanding of current socioeconomic realities on the way to realizing desirable and sustainable futures.

His guest and co-explorer in this project is James Quilligan - an analyst and administra­tor in the field of international development since 1975. Quilligan has served as policy advisor to many international politicians and leaders, including Pierre Trudeau, Fran├žois Mitterrand and Jimmy Carter. He has also served as an advisor for several United Nations programs and international development organizations.

Quilligan has recently been applying an integral approach as an economic consultant to government agencies in 26 countries, including the United States. In this podcast Quilligan introduces a view of the future built upon expanded perspectives of the global commons and what he calls "integral capital". Integral capital, Quilligan explains, includes explicit recognition of private capital, public capital, commons capital, and personal capital—and how they come together as a platform for future transformation.

The dialogue between these leaders intentionally showcases the intricate relationships between systems, structures, and behaviors (the exterior forms of life) and the many dimensions of culture and mindsets (the inner nature of life) that inform them.

JOHN D. SCHMIT is the founder and CEO of Avastone Consulting, an international consultancy committed to the vitality and sustainability of client organizations and the larger global community. He serves as advisor to global corporations and nongovernmental enterprises, and is a thinker, designer, and practitioner in integral approaches to complex challenges and human development.

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Carmine Gorga said...

In Concordian economics (see, e.g., www.a-new-economic-atlas.com), money is a common good.

We are trying to have the Federal Reserve System adopt such a view: see, www.thepetitionsite.com/325/007/323/a-patriotic-reform-of-the-fed.

Clearly, we need much help to put the point across.

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