December 12, 2009

Climate Change: The Real Science

The following videos are easy-to-follow descriptions of how climate scientists infer that man-made carbon gases are changing the climate, and how this view is contradicted by other climate scientists who are skeptics.

This first video is a 10-minute summary of the prevailing scientific arguments and counter-arguments, not a PhD thesis. If you disagree with what real, professional climate scientists say, please take it up with them and don’t expect me to defend their point of view. If you have a stunning piece of scientific evidence that disproves one side or the other, don’t waste time on our blog, write a paper, and get it peer-reviewed and published in a reputable journal.

This video looks at alternative hypotheses explaining global warming. I am only looking at alternative hypotheses put forward by real, professional climate researchers, and the findings of real, professional climate researchers who disagree with them.


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