December 23, 2009

Does Spirituality Need an Integral Map?

Why Does Spirituality Need Integral?

by Kelly Sosan Bearer

Spirituality is a complex, confusing, and polarizing force in the world. With so many different definitions of the word, we can barely even begin to start the conversation. Some equate spirituality with mysticism as described by the great philosophers; but with the infiltration of New Age concepts of spirituality, many are not sure what the word means anymore. Some don’t distinguish spirituality from religion, while others identify themselves as spiritual but not religious. Some believe they need not commit themselves to any particular path in order to be spiritual, while others actively search for spiritual practices that will fit best with their unique needs. The list goes on and on. These are just a few of the many issues that we are going to look into here at iEvolve.

There are so many forms and types of spirituality today. Some preach love and acceptance; others preach hate and destruction. Many traditions claim that their way is the only way, “the one true path,” which directly contradicts other traditions that say their way is the only way. Why does spirit express itself in such radically different ways? Who is right and who is wrong? Can anything reconcile such radically different points of view?

Enter the Integral Map…

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Mark Walsh said...

Thanks, enjoyed the calrity of this. This article on "Eleven Things that Aren't Spiritual" has been popular on my blog re. some of these issues:

All the best from Brighton,

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