March 6, 2010

This is what an Integral Sprituality looks like...

The Poetry of Reality is the fifth installment in the Symphony of Science music video series. Source:


Dave said...

Really, this is what you think Integral Spirituality looks like? A bunch of scientist words computerized into some form of song. Seems limited to me....and most of those on the video think that science is the only answer....not very spiritual!

michael~ said...

Very good points Dave. What I mean by 'this is what an integral spirituality looks like' is quite literally the 'marriage of sense and soul'. Science, meets humanism, meets wonderment, meets the mystic heart opened wide... together.

I also would suggest you rethink your dichotomous evaluation. Science and spirituality are not opposed. The binary of science vs. religion is useless. It is a false 'war' predicated on false premises.

Science is the only activity capable of providing answers for a lot of really important questions - while spirituality is the answer to a different set of questions.

In my thinking, the two actually cannot survive in this world without each other.

Traditional "faiths" are ridiculous - fairy tales perpetuated by dominating men who needed something to help them sleep at night. And 'atheism' is equally ridiculous - as a reactionary position embedded in the pathological fantasy that humans can actually "know" for certain and therefore have a determined belief about the ultimate source of reality.

What I want readers to take away from this video is a sense of wonderment and an acknowledgment of the deep unity of emotion, reason, thinking, feeling, intellect and passion.

When the deepest unity of the individual opens to the deepest plurality of the kosmos only then can we realize the source in our own lives.

Without science spirituality is blind; and without spirituality (as something uniquely existential and compassionate) science is meaningless...

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