June 2, 2010

Integral Business

Integral Business
By Mark Walsh

Integral business is a “meta-model” as it positions other theories and practices that we use such as embodied training, NonViolent Communication, emotional intelligence, MBTI and psychometrics, systems theory and traditional business models. It is more than a theory for us as it informs and underpins how we do business in the most effective, enjoyable and ethical manner possible…

We believe that business itself can be a demanding personal, even spiritual practice, for those doing business mindfully. This is one step further than social enterprises which take into account “we”(social) as well as “it” (financial) aspects but not “I” (personal development). Rather than seeing money and power as inherently bad for individuals, we would suggest that there is no better test of ethics and attachment than handling wealth and position with compassion and skill. The relational nature of business stretches the emotional and interpersonal intelligence of business people and marketing and sales are an opportunity for the conscious business person to step into others’ shoes and appreciate their perspective.

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