July 3, 2010

AQAL and the World Cup - New York Times

The Solution to Bad Calls: The Quadrant Approach
By John O'Brien

In this World Cup, as with every other World Cup in history, wrong calls happen. Whether they are crucial and end a team’s hopes or whether they are inconsequential, the calls are frustrating at the least and infuriating at the most. Naturally we focus our anger on the man on the field wearing a different color shirt. Yes, the referee gets most of the blame, or the whole refereeing team and occasionally a manipulative player who takes a dive to get a call.

Everyone agrees the game should strive to be as honest as possible, but how can it be made so without changing the face of the game? Following the approach of philosopher and author Ken Wilber, it can be done by developing four areas known as quadrants.

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John O’Brien played for the United States in the 2002 and 2006 World Cups.

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