June 3, 2011

Integral Ecology Reading Group

The Integral Ecology Reading Group will unfold between several blogs and will include a number of people intimately familiar with both Ken Wilber’s theory and environmental studies more generally. Each week a participating blog will review that week’s readings and host discussions.

Intro/Chapter 1 summary has already been posted by Adam Robbert and discussions have started: here 

The schedule for the reading group is as follows:
June 1 – 7
Introduction/Chapter 1 - The Return of Interiority and Conceptual Framework of Integral Ecology
Host Blog: Knowledge Ecology (Adam Robbert)

June 8 – 14
Chapter 2 - It's All About Perspectives: The AQAL Model
Host Blog: Knowledge Ecology (Sam Mickey)

June 15 – 21
Chapter 3/4 - A Developing Kosmos/ Developing Interiors
Host Blog: Immanence (Adrian Ivakhiv)

June 22 – 28
Chapter 5 - Defining, Honoring, and Integrating the Multiple Approaches to Ecology
Host Blog: TBA

June 29 – July 5
Chapter 6 - Ecological Terrains: The What That Is Examined
Host Blog: Mediacology (Antonio Lopez)

July 6 – 12
Chapter 7 - Ecological Selves: The Who That Is Examining
Host Blog: Immanence (Adrian Ivakhiv)

July 13 – 19
Chapter 8 - Ecological Research: How We Examine
Host Blog: Integral Ecology Center (Nicholas Hedlund-de Witt)

July 20 – 26
Chapter 9 - Ecological Harmony and Environmental Crisis in a Post-Natural World
Host Blog: Ecology Without Nature (Tim Morton)

July 27 – Aug 2
Chapter 10/11 - Practices for Cultivating Integral Ecological Awareness/Integral Ecology in Action
Host Blog: Archive Fire (Michael)
Anyone who wants to participate is more than welcome to post their comments or questions on individual host blogs, or let us know if you post any commentary on your own site.


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Wonderful concept. Looking forward the evolution to come. Thank you!

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