November 2, 2007

Suicide Dictionary, a new book by Paul Lonely

Suicide Dictionary, a new book by author Paul Lonely, offers an intellectually moving and poetic expression of spirituality in our time. We now live in an age where to be Integral is to be on the leading edge of human consciousness. Suicide Dictionary is the product of applying these higher levels of consciousness to the art of creative writing.

This book offers a "Contemporary Upanishads" that captures the beauty of both western intellectuality and eastern (or mystical) spirituality in a single literary framework.

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Anonymous said...

I've recieved my copy in the mail today. I've already begin to consume the beauty in every word. Paul Lonely is a genius! This is destined to be a classic. I went online to and was amazed at what respected minds were saying. I was am not dissappointed. We should create a book club that studies these page

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