December 21, 2007

Integral Theory into Integral Action: Mark Edwards & Russ Volckmann in Dialogue

In a series of ongoing, in-depth dialogues Mark Edwards and Russ Volckmann attempt to rethink the potential of integral theories, maps, models and their applications. Their dialogues are guided by the hope of making two important contributions: first, to increase the clarity and level of critical analysis of integral theory - particularly as it applies to the subject of leadership; and second, in comprehending how to use integral theory as an integrating device for the many innovative concepts and ideas coming from a variety of mainstream disciplines.
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Mark Edwards is a leading voice and innovator in the field of Integral Studies. Russ Volkmann has a Ph.D. in Political Science and Public Administration from U.C., Berkeley, and has taught at the University of Arizona and several other universities. Volkmann is the publisher/editor of the Integral Leadership Review.


voyager3000 said...

Great conversation. Russ and Mark really contribute fresh insights and worldcentric considerations that work in the belly of the spiral . No matter if a corportate context, governemnt or organizational Nexus is adressed.

Like their analysis of Laszlo Approach too. As Wilber was up to now the only one . in Integral Spirituality -who criticized aspects of Laszlo`s approach edequatley.

Once again:

Russ Volckmanns fishing and casting new voices, aproaches, impulses and strong promising action in the world, on the ground and at different froniters is exceptional!

Albert Klamt

... said...

Hey Albert,

Yeah - what a fantastic and dynamic dialogue they are having.

I love to read anything by Mark Edwards as well. He seems to be forging ahead with the real work of critical analysis and building rigor into the whole integral theory-building process...

I recommend everything he writes (even though he and I disagree on what a social holon is).

Thanks for stopping by.


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