December 17, 2007

Unleashing Creativity

In an insightful keynote address at a Smithsonian event Paul MacCready, a pioneering inventor of the first practical flying machine powered by a human being, talks about “inventive creativity” and the importance of socially responsible entrepreneurship for our collective future.

As MacCready, who passed away in August, 2007 says, "Civilization is in the midst of unprecedented growth. This presents unprecedented opportunity and responsibility. Creativity and the associated invention/innovation and entrepreneurship, benefiting both individuals and society, are essential elements if civilization is to move to a desirable, sustainable condition".

In this speech, MacCready draws on his own experiences in unleashing creativity, and talks about the need to be aware of and integrate motivation, preparation, opportunities, positive attitude, teamwork, fun, daydreaming, perseverance, and luck into a more sustainable & healthy approach to life and work.

“We are all too much inclined to walk through life with our eyes shut. There are things all around us, and right at our very feet, that we have never seen; because we have never really looked.” --Alexander Graham Bell
Watch Paul MacCready give a TED Talk on his life's work: HERE

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