September 25, 2008

I Am The Other

Born half Bolivian, half Italian and bred in Switzerland, Denise Zabalaga possesses a unique sensitivity towards "otherness" and an ability to transcend many of the projections of fear and mistrust so commonly associated with strangers. After experiencing close up the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001, Zabalaga’s travels as a photographer and photojournalist took her, a single woman, to territories of the Middle East and Afghanistan normally considered hostile or dangerous.

With a combination of determination, fearlessness and an incredible dedication to interacting with the language and culture of the lands she visited, Denise's experiences brought her again and again to a profound realization, "There is no separation from the other because I am the other."

When asked what has been most meaningful to her in all her travels she says, “most important is the incredible generosity that I experienced. Not only on a material level, but on a human level—all the times they accepted me and included me as a full human being.”

In this interview she shares more about her journeys, along with insights about our shared humanity and her powerful encounters abroad with generosity.

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