November 23, 2008

Integral Life Practice Review

U.K bodymind integration trainer Mark Walsh reviews Integral Life Practice:

ILP has four core modules – body, mind, spirit and shadow (subconscious). The strengths of Ken and Co. show up in these with mind and spirit being absolute crackers, and body and shadow slightly less so. Where mind and spirit really shine and body and shadow are merely quite good, is the comprehensiveness of the research that went into them. Reading the bios of the authors it seems clear that they have studied spirituality and theory in depth, but less so embodied practices or therapy – as a bodymind trainer with a background in martial arts, somatics and psychology I’m bound to be a little picky here though :-)

While I love the 3,2,1 Gestalt influenced depth psychology recommended, I wonder if this really came out of a comprehensive review of psychological traditions or whether Gestalt was simply the most available to those working in the human potential movement? Where are Jung’s archetypes for example or the work of the British neo-Freudians?

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