February 18, 2009

A Krishnamurti Perspective on Integral Consciousness

A Krishnamurti Perspective on Integral Consciousness

By William Miller

In his major work The Ever–Present Origin, Swiss cultural philosopher Jean Gebser presents the theory that contemporary human consciousness has evolved through four major mutations, each of which inaugurated a fundamental change in consciousness structure. Gebser identifies these structures as the archaic, magical, mythical and mental–rational. He claims we are now on the verge of a fifth, the integral.

We must work on ourselves, Jean Gebser reminds us, if we are to realize integral consciousness. But how to do this he has left "tantalizingly incomplete." How do we divine a methodology, or to use Feuerstein's term, a "psychotechnology," especially one suitable to western sensibilities? Could a possible candidate be the "methodless method" of spiritual teacher J. Krishnamurti? The two teachings share some intriguing similarities. And Krishnamurti's non–sectarian (really anti–sectarian) position can support a contemporary non–metaphysical western orientation. Let's explore the question.

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