February 19, 2009

Robb Smith Interview

From Boulder Integral:

Join Jeff Salzman as he interviews Integral Life CEO Robb Smith on the state of the integral movement, the election of President Obama, and the challenges of being an integral leader.

Clips/Topics Include:

Part 1: Intro - How did you find your way to Integral?
Part 2: Translating Integral theory into the living world space.
Part 3: What’s the biggest challenge on the Integral on-ramp?
Part 4: The election and the Integral movement.
Part 5: Now that Obama is president.
Part 6: How the right reacts…
Part 7: How does Obama inform your leadership?
Part 8: What is of real value?
Part 9: Is there an Integral Movement?
Part 10: What’s new at Integral Life/Institute?
Part 11: Living a social life on the web brings hope for a new age.


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